Dear Guests,
the rafting season 2012 is ON !!!  Come and join us!
Have you looked at the videos on youtube?  Check it on youtube, click:)


Normal program

Location: Slovenia, Julia Alps, Soča
Program: 2 raftings + 1 dinner
Fee: €70/ person+insurance+accommodation
Date: every day from April until September
Difficulty: medium (wwI-II)

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Sport program

Location: Slovenia, Julia Alps, Soča
Program: 2 raftings + 1 canyoning + 1 dinner
Fee: €95/person+insurance+accommodation
Date: every day from April until September
Suggested length: 2 days / 2 nights
Difficulty: medium (wwII-III)

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Rafting, Isel, Tirol

Tirol: the land of Alps,sunshine, Milka chocolate, beers, excellent whitewater
Introduction price: €60/person (for July 23-24)
Come and try our program among the firsts!

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Salza, Austria

Come and join us for rafting to Steiermark on the Salza.
Nowadays Palfau has become the most beautiful whitewater spot in Steiermark. It is also perfect spot for hiking, mountaineering, biking, and for several other activities.

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Rafting - Via Ferrata

Julia Alps, Rafting - Canyoning - Hiking - Via Ferrata extreme adventurous weekend. Those who want to enjoy the beauty of the nature, love tha mountains and hiking, will definitely like it.

Dates: July 6-10, July 27-31, August 10-14 2011

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Family discount

Children (even at age 2-3) or those adults who are more interested in the beauty of the area are also able to try our rafting programs without any risk.
Children are also provided with suitable neoprene clothes, so our trips could be enjoyable for them even on a cooler day. In case of good weather we offer further programs such as swimming or jumping.

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